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Is the iPad Pro worth it?

iPad Pro: A worthwhile investment?

Are you in the market for a new computer? The iPad Pro is convenient, lightweight, portable, and has many features of a regular laptop. But is it worth buying? It depends if it’ll make sense for your lifestyle and the type of work you do.

Read on to have these questions answered, and to find out more details about the iPad Pro and its various models.

What is the iPad Pro?

iPad tablets are popular, and for good reason. For quite some time, Apple has created iPads with more features. If you’re a fan of Apple, then the iPad Pro is a fantastic addition to your tech lineup.

Their lightweight design is made for you to pack up and take pretty much anywhere, from the airport to your kitchen table. You can buy iPads with varying amounts of storage. They use apps for your convenience, and you can buy multiple accessories to make using them easier, including a keyboard and the Apple Pencil.

The iPad Pro is a user-friendly device that includes a touchscreen, face identification and larger screen options, which are only slightly smaller than an average laptop.


When you purchase any type of technology, keeping it safe is a priority. This screen protector works for the iPad Pro 11 and is highly recommended. For the iPad Pro 12.9, this screen and camera protector is a perfect way to prevent damage to your tablet.

For even more protection, try this ZtotopCase cover compatible with the iPad Pro 12.9. Its leather exterior is stylish and it holds up the tablet from different angles. For the iPad 11, this rotating Fintie case has similar features and includes an Apple Pencil holder, as well as offering external protection.

Who should buy the iPad Pro?

If you’re on the go a lot, work from your computer or just love how easy it is to use, then iPad Pro is for you. You’ll have the convenience of a super-light tablet with many features of a regular computer. You can use a mouse with it, if you prefer, and have many apps open at once. It also has a good camera, making it easy to take and edit photos with one device.

Who should look for something else?

If you prefer working with a PC operating system, this may not be a good choice for you. In addition, if you like the size of a laptop or a full-screen monitor or you do a lot of big projects that require a powerful computer, iPad Pro may not be suitable.

Lastly, if you already have a relatively new iPad of some sort, you may want to wait a while longer to upgrade, depending on the type of work you do with your tablet.

Which iPad Pro should I buy?

If you like the idea of an iPad Pro but don’t know where to start, here are some of the best models. These are both fairly new and are compatible with Apple’s newer accessories.

iPad Pro (12.9-Inch, 4th Generation) ]

This is one of the newest iPad Pros on the market. It has a large screen of 12.9 inches, liquid Retina display and works with the Apple Pencil and multiple keyboards. It starts at $948 and goes up from there, depending on storage size. This iPad is a good fit for people who want a large screen as they’d get with a laptop but also need portability. It’s also great if you prefer to have the newest tech designs.

Other options

If you’ve decided that an iPad Pro isn’t the right option for you, there are alternatives. iPad Air 4th Generation is quite similar and less expensive. It has a 10.9-inch screen and is sold in multiple colors. It works with Magic Keyboard and other accessories.

Another iPad option is iPad Mini. It’s smaller than the others but is much cheaper and can help you decide if you like working from an iPad. It doesn’t work with all accessories, but it has a good amount of memory and is convenient.

Is the new iPad Pro worth it?

The answer to this is very individual. If you work extensively on your computer using many complicated programs, you may want to stick with a laptop or desktop computer. However, the iPad Pro is suitable for streaming, typing documents, using the internet, taking pictures and more. Ask yourself what type of projects you most often use electronics for and where you use your computer to find out if the iPad Pro is right for you.

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