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General Daily Insight for November 06, 2023

General Daily Insight for November 06, 2023

Doing the right thing will probably feel good today. Vibrant Venus and profound Pluto, each in a grounded Earth sign, blend sensuality and depth. The Moon then enters Virgo and checks in with practical Saturn, bringing our impulses into alignment with reality. Finally, logical Mercury and insightful Neptune, both in intuitive Water signs, harmonize at 8:37 pm EST, strengthening subtle knowledge. When caught between the obvious answer and the answer we can slip into like a favorite sweater, we’re allowed to pick comfort.


March 21 – April 19

You’re currently equipped to work powerfully and productively toward your goals. Although you can take pride in what you achieve, you don’t have to bear the burden alone. While perceptive Mercury in your sharing sector aligns with psychic Neptune in your 12th House of the Subconscious, you’re also empowered to detect the people in your surroundings who might be able to supply aid. Go ahead and ask them — the worst they could do is say no, but they probably won’t!


April 20 – May 20

The vibe could seem off in your social network today. While articulate Mercury in your partnership zone supports intuitive Neptune in your 11th House of Community, digging for more information may validate your perception — perhaps there really is a conflict going on that people don’t want to talk about too openly. Still, impulsively inserting yourself into the drama isn’t likely to help! What’s truly best for the warring parties won’t necessarily be what relieves your uncomfortable feelings immediately. Manage your own emotions.


May 21 – June 20

Receiving vague instructions from a boss or client is possible in your immediate future. They might find it hard to put their desires into words that make sense. While perhaps it’s flattering that they feel so comfortable with you, it’s also probably frustrating. Fortunately, as detail-oriented Mercury in your 6th House of Work reins in ambivalent Neptune in your authority zone, you can do a lot with a little bit of information. Trust your own judgment to fill in the gaps.


June 21 – July 22

You’re capable of taking concrete steps to bring a travel fantasy into reality at this time. While discerning Mercury in your pleasure sector aligns with amorphous Neptune in your 9th House of Journeys, thinking critically about what you find fun is a great way to build a specific plan. If you’re planning to go with someone else, you’ll have to tell them what you’re thinking. Remember to hear them out and incorporate their suggestions too — you both want to have a good time!


July 23 – August 22

Becoming more deliberate about the way you share responsibilities at home could be necessary now. Perhaps everyone involved has been on autopilot for a while — you may have a stable routine that has worked well enough for a long time. If other circumstances in your life have changed lately, though, you’re probably due to reassess the situation when analytical Mercury in your domestic zone nudges spacey Neptune in your sharing sector. A better strategy might emerge once you start thoughtfully digging!


August 23 – September 22

Being put on a pedestal could be uncomfortable for you at present. While realistic Mercury in your communication zone calls out to dreamy Neptune in your partnership sector, you can gently redirect someone who’s idealizing you too intensely. This person probably has a point that there are good and beautiful things about you, but you shouldn’t feel pressured to cram yourself into the restrictions of their one-sided view. Your beauty also includes your more complicated parts — try to sell them on that.


September 23 – October 22

The desire to accumulate more money could presently encourage you to loosen your boundaries regarding work. While scheming Mercury in your finance zone collaborates with formless Neptune in your responsible 6th house, this isn’t necessarily a problem if you’re getting a fair trade for any sacrifices you make. Make an effort to identify a specific amount of extra earnings that will satisfy your longing for security, though — knowing there’s a limit somewhere can ensure you focus your efforts and avoid burning out.


October 23 – November 21

Telling your friends something important about yourself is likely to go over well now. As verbal Mercury in your sign encourages elusive Neptune in your self-expression sector, your truth could have been already hiding in plain sight for a while. Even if it has been an open secret, making it official could be a relief — you won’t have to awkwardly talk around it any longer! The kindness you seek has probably been around you for some time too. Take the opportunity to embrace that.


November 22 – December 21

Finding a comfortable balance between public and private life is possible for you at the moment. Whatever professional progress you’re pursuing likely has a strong foundation as favorable Venus in your ambitious 10th house coordinates with grounded Pluto in your 2nd House of Values. That being said, you can’t take for granted that people at home will automatically know exactly how you want them to support you on your journey. Talk things out and make a plan that works well for everyone involved!


December 22 – January 19

You may currently notice that a friend of yours could use extra support. Even if they’re not asking for it openly, you can guess when something’s not quite right. While soothing Venus in your philosophical 9th house hugs intense Pluto in your sign, sharing what you’ve learned from your own life experiences might comfort your pal. Saying that everything happens for a reason often rubs people the wrong way, but you can clearly validate their concerns while noting their resilience and potential for future success.


January 20 – February 18

Taking action on a promising professional lead may now be necessary — you can work out the details later! As abundant Venus in your 8th House of Shared Resources aligns with deep Pluto in your secretive 12th house, the alliance you’re considering has the potential to help you, but some parts of it aren’t necessarily straightforward. Your openness to risk and mystery could eventually be rewarded. If you truly need more stability, though, let your intuition tell you when it’s time to walk away.


February 19 – March 20

You may currently appreciate the relationships you’ve made through a community based on shared beliefs. However, as dogmatic Mercury in your ideological 9th house aligns with shifty Neptune in your sign, these people might not know much about you beyond your faith. Are you happy with this state of affairs? You potentially appreciate your privacy and are glad that your pals leave your personal business alone. This approach isn’t necessarily wrong, but just be aware of what you’re doing and why.

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