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How to use an ice rake safely

Fresh snowfall is a peaceful, wondrous sight. But after a snowstorm passes, all the snow piled up on your house can put a lot of stress on your roof and eaves, too. And if the conditions are right, it can also cause ice dams.

Keeping your roof clear of heavy snow and ice is easier with ice rakes, also known as roof snow rakes. They’re designed to be gentle on your roof while keeping your feet safely on the ground as you pull snow away from overhangs and tight spaces. The best ice rakes are sturdy but lightweight, and can be adjusted for an easy reach that’s effective and protects your body.

What you should do before winter arrives

Ice rake safety starts in the fall before the snow flies. You should carefully inspect your roof for loose shingles or other visible damage. Repairs need to be made before winter comes, or the ice rake could make things worse.

How to protect your landscaping

Snow and ice are heavier than you may think. A large chunk falling off your roof onto bushes and plants can cause significant damage. You can prop a piece of plywood over them to divert falling snow, but you need to make sure it’s properly secured.

It’s simpler to use a roof rake to remove small amounts of snow and ice when they’re directly over landscaping. This may take longer, but it will take even longer and cost more money to replace a bush in the spring.

How to protect yourself

If the electricity to your home enters through a roof connection, keep the ice rake away from that area. Most rakes are aluminum, which is a dangerous conductor.

Even though it is tempting, don’t use a ladder to remove snow and ice from your roof. Find an ice rake long enough for you to reach the roof while you stand on the ground. Most injuries from ice raking pertain to falling off ladders, not the ice raking itself.


Q.  Can you use salt to melt ice dams?

A. Salt may be somewhat effective, but it can damage shingles. If you use salt, make sure it is calcium chloride, not rock salt. Some people put salt in a tube sock or panty hose and lay it perpendicular to the ice dam to make a trail for the water to escape.

Q. How do you remove snow from solar panels on your roof?

A. Some ice rakes have a foam head that can be used safely on solar panels. If you use a metal ice rake, be careful to remove snow without making contact with the solar panel. Check with your solar panel installer for recommendations.

Best ice rakes

Avalanche Snow Roof Rake

This patented roof rake system uses a roll-up slide to keep snow out of your gutters and wheels to protect your roof. It has an adjustable handle and extension kit, sold separately. Assembly requires no tools.

Snowpeeler Roof Snow Removal Tool

The adjustable handle comes in 5-foot increments with a 20-foot reach that’s ideal for single-story homes and detached garages. The heavy-duty aluminum has support braces for extra strength. It has a two-year limited warranty.

Snow Joe Twist-N-Lock Telescoping Snow Roof Rake

This snow rake has an oversized aluminum head. The telescoping pole adjusts between 6 and 21 feet and weighs under six pounds for easy maneuverability. It comes with a two-year warranty.

Garant Yukon Snow Roof Rake

This roof rake has a wide-angle head made from polyethylene that won’t damage your roof. The lightweight aluminum pole is made of three 5-foot sections. The rake has an anti-slip grip for extra safety.

Signstek Snow Roof Rake

This affordable rake uses a nylon slide for easy snow removal. The pole is adjustable between 7 and 20 feet. It’s easy to assemble and doesn’t require any tools.

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