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Everything you’ll want to keep on hand for sick kids

Getting sick is terrible, but even worse is dealing with a sick child. As an adult, you can prepare yourself with the proper treatments should you get sick, but a sick child needs your help.

You’ll have to let nature work its course when dealing with a child’s sickness, but there are a handful of essentials you can have on deck in case a child in your home comes down with a cold, cough, flu or stomach issue. Many are treatments, but others are primarily for support and symptom relief.

Cold and cough medicine

Over-the-counter cold medicines relieve common symptoms such as nasal and chest congestion, coughing, sore throat and stuffy nose. They work primarily as decongestants and may contain pain-killing substances such as acetaminophen, which can help reduce fever.

There are daytime and nighttime treatments. The primary difference is that nighttime medicine often contains an antihistamine that causes drowsiness and allows a less restless night of sleep.


Acetaminophen is often sold under the brand name Tylenol and is an effective pain reliever. It’s the go-to drug when treating fever, but if you’re going to use it to treat a child, it’s crucial to get a children’s variation of it, which contains a much smaller dose.


The air will be noticeably dry if you live somewhere cold or have a central ventilation system running for extended periods. Dry air can irritate your child’s throat and sinuses and cause them to develop a cough or cold. A humidifier makes the surrounding air more humid, which can help treat nasal congestion.


You don’t need to give your child acetaminophen unless they’re running a fever. However, it can be difficult to tell if your child has one unless you take their temperature. The best thermometers are non-contact, accurate and deliver readings in just a few seconds. Plus, some smart thermometers can sync to your phone through an app where you can record and monitor your child’s temperature over a period of time.

Everything you need for sick kids

Vicks DayQuil and NyQuil Kids’ Cold and Cough Plus Mucus Relief

This cold and cough medicine has a natural honey flavor and is excellent for reducing chest and nasal congestion. It comes with two 16-ounce bottles, one for relieving daytime symptoms and the other for nighttime use, so your little one can get a good night’s sleep.

Mucinex Children’s Multi-Symptom Cold Relief Liquid

This cold relief liquid is pediatrician recommended and helps alleviate the most frustrating symptoms, including stuffy nose, coughing and chest congestion. Plus, it breaks up mucus and has a sweet berry flavor that your kids will find pleasant.

Comvita Kids Grape Night-Time Soothing Syrup

If your child is having trouble getting a good night’s rest, this nighttime soothing syrup has chamomile extract, which can promote helpful sleep. It’s loaded with New Zealand UMF manuka honey and plenty of vitamins for boosted immune support.

Children’s Tylenol Pain Plus Fever Relief Liquid

A fever can be rough on a child, so you’ll want to give them a dose of acetaminophen for quick pain relief. This grape-flavored liquid contains 160 milligrams of acetaminophen per 5-millimeter and works in under 15 minutes.

Nanoflake Upgraded Ultrasonic Humidifier

Dry air can wreak havoc on a child’s recovery from a cold, so it’s vital to do what you can to increase humidity levels in your home. This humidifier has two mist modes, a cute planet cat design and an optional night light with seven glowing colors.

Wellue Non-Contact Thermometer

You’ll need a high-quality thermometer to take your child’s temperature and determine if they’re running a fever. This non-contact thermometer offers four modes for taking temperatures and syncs with the ViHealth app for data tracking.

Infloatables ThermaPals Stuffed Sloth

This stuffed sloth not only provides much-needed bedtime support when your child is sick, but it also serves as a therapeutic heating or cooling pad. It’s filled with all-natural grains and dried French lavender for an aromatherapy effect and has a customizable birth certificate.

Pedialyte Electrolyte Powder Variety Pack

You might not notice it, but your child can become dehydrated when sick, especially if they’ve been running a fever. This variety pack of Pedialyte comes with two packages of apple, grape, fruit punch and strawberry, making it easy for your child to rehydrate.

Kasu 50-Pack Disposable Barf Bags

If your child has a stomach bug or a rough case of the flu, having a few barf bags handy can help prevent an unnecessary mess. These bags have a humorous panda bear design and metal tin ties to secure contents.

Burt’s Bees Kids’ Throat Pops

Kids love candy, but to soothe a sore throat, they’ll need soothing throat pops like these, which don’t contain any dye. They provide minor discomfort, protect irritated areas and are made with natural fruit pectin and natural manuka honey.

Viteey Kids Probiotic Gummies

You can give your child probiotic gummies even when they’re not sick. However, if a stomach bug has hit them, a few doses can quickly boost digestive health and alleviate conditions such as constipation and other bowel issues.

Boogie Wipes 6-Pack Wet Wipes

These grape-scented wipes are moistened with saline drops and can help clear your child’s nasal passage if they feel congested. They’re gentle, safe for all ages and contain plenty of vitamin E, chamomile and aloe for an extra immune system boost.

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