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Best Bluetooth-compatible appliances to build a smart kitchen

The best smart Bluetooth-compatible kitchen appliances

If you want to up your game in the kitchen this season, make cooking simple with smart technology and bring out your inner top chef. There is a wide choice of devices ranging from large appliances, like refrigerators and stoves, to smaller gadgets, such as speakers and scales, all of which help take the guesswork and hassle out of the cooking experience while delivering an updated and modern look.

Best Bluetooth-compatible speakers

iLive Under-Cabinet Radio With Bluetooth Speakers ]

Transform the ordinary with this under-cabinet speaker that can connect to any smartphone, tablet or other device that supports Bluetooth technology. It is designed to fit under any size of cabinet and deliver quality sound without taking up any precious counter space. FM radio is also included with 20 presets and a clock with an optional alarm to keep your recipes from overcooking. It comes with the hardware of only three spacers and three screws included for easy installation.

iLive Platinum Wireless Under Cabinet Speaker with Amazon Alexa ]

If you’re looking for something a bit more on the budget-friendly side, try this music system with built-in speakers, which is just as effective for creating a less cluttered kitchen space. In addition, the LED screen comes equipped with a digital clock that’s also synced with Alexa with the bonus of voice command technology and built-in Wi-Fi. Others can enjoy the tunes with multi-room play as well.

Best Bluetooth-compatible smart refrigerators

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator ]

If you’d like to keep your household connected, look no further than the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator. The 21.5-inch touch-screen display operates much like a fixed tablet. It has four different cooling zones that operate independently, and its memo feature lets you type, draw or voice memo a note on the refrigerator door via an app. Even if your household members are in different parts of the world, they can still post pictures of themselves on the refrigerator like a new-age magnet and Polaroid. What’s more, through the three cameras, you can peer inside the refrigerator in case you are in the grocery store and can’t remember what is left at home. You can even take pictures of items, digitally label them with names and expiration dates and set up notifications to remind you of what’s needed. Finally, you can pull up your favorite kitchen channels through the built-in internet browser. Or if you have a recent Samsung phone, you can mirror your screen onto the display. All this while never sacrificing the functionality of the refrigerator itself.

LG Smart Refrigerator With Instaview ]

While this refrigerator may not have an advanced touch screen, it makes up for it in plenty of other ways. It has a super-cool feature of knocking twice on the glass to have a live look into your refrigerator. You can receive notifications on your smartphone when the door is left open or if the water filter needs replacement. Moreover, you can control refrigerator and freezer temperatures remotely, even voice command some extra ice, all through the free LG SmartThinQ app. Finally, its unique, advanced freshness system provides a steady supply of cold air, keeping ingredients fresher for longer. LG made no exception for their water dispenser with an NSF-certified pharmaceutical water filter.

Best Bluetooth-compatible smart ovens 

Samsung Smart Wi-Fi-Enabled Convection Gas Range With No Preheat ]

This large 6-cubic-feet oven can fit multiple dishes at one time and has four additional settings, including Bread Proof, Dehydrate, Keep Warm and Favorite Cook. It delivers crispy flavor fast with no preheating. Another amazing quality is the self-cleaning feature that promises nothing more than a wipe from a damp cloth. It also offers Wi-Fi and voice-enabled commands, which allow you to preheat, monitor and adjust the time and temperature of your oven from wherever you are using your smartphone.

LG Smart Wi-Fi Enabled True Convection InstaView Gas Range Oven With Air Fry ]

This 5.8-cubic-feet-capacity oven gives you more space to cook bigger meals without cramping it up. It boasts a self-cleaning feature, and its center burner can double as a griddle. The LG’s InstaView window lets you see inside your oven without losing precious heat by opening the door or having to reach over a hot cooktop to flip a switch. All you need to do is simply knock twice and have a clear view of what’s inside — all with a beautiful blue interior.

Best Bluetooth-compatible smart kitchen gadgets

Anova Precision Cooker ]

A super-advanced cooking method used by the world’s top chefs is now delivered to you with this appliance. Sous vide is French for “under vacuum,” which uses the process of vacuum-sealing food in a bag and then cooking it to a very precise temperature in a water bath. Step-by-step instructions and controls are delivered through the application, making it easy to cook like a pro.

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