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Age-appropriate tech that’s safe for your kids

Younger kids are becoming increasingly comfortable with technology

More and more kids are adopting tech at younger and younger ages. In fact, a recent NewsNation article brought to light how COVID-19 increased kids’ comfort with technology. The downside is kids are much more vulnerable when they are comfortable. This means parents have to be more vigilant and learn which tech products are safest for their kids to use.

How to protect your tech-savvy kid

It happens with every generation: Kids are exposed to new technology first, so they become more comfortable with it than their parents. To protect a child who may know more than you, you need to take advantage of the built-in tools, such as Parental Controls and Screen Time monitoring, that nearly all modern devices have. This is your first line of defense in keeping your child from venturing onto potentially dangerous sites and helping them learn to limit their daily screen time.

Products that help keep your kid safe online

While Amazon might not have the slickest products, such as iPads or Galaxy tablets, we have been testing items in our lab and found the company’s strength is in offering devices that are ideal for children.

The Amazon Fire 8 Kids Tablet, for instance, has built-in, easy-to-use parental controls that let you block undesirable content and access to inappropriate websites. It also lets you set screen time limits by category and has a rugged, child-proof case.

Similarly, the Echo Dot Kids has comparable protection. Additionally, it can help your child with homework, read to them and more.

If your child streams a lot of content or listens to music using headphones, it is important to protect their hearing because excessive volume can cause permanent hearing damage. A pair of Onanoff foldable headphones are a great accessory because they limit the volume level to a WHO-recommended 85 decibels.

Tech that keeps kids safe in the real world

Keeping your child safe in the real world has different challenges than keeping them protected online. Because of that, you need a different set of tools. For instance, an Apple AirTag can be placed on your child’s backpack, so you know that they made it to their friend’s house after school.

Best products to protect your kids

Amazon Fire 8 Kids Tablet

If you are considering getting a tablet for your kid, this is the best choice. Not only does it have a bevy of built-in parental control features, it comes with a two-year worry-free guarantee — if it breaks, simply return it for a free replacement.

Kindle Kids

Kindle Kids is a great way to start your child reading. This latest model has twice the storage, a longer battery life and an upgraded display. Purchase includes a one-year subscription to Amazon Kids+. The Parent Dashboard lets you easily protect your child.

Echo Dot Kids

Whether they need help with homework, would like to listen to some music or want to hear a story, the Echo Dot Kids is there to help. With the Parental Controls, you can filter out songs with explicit lyrics, ensure kid-friendly responses, set daily screen limits and more.

Onanoff Explore Volume-Limiting Kids Headphones

These award-winning headphones limit the volume level to protect kids’ hearing. They are built using hypoallergenic materials and have a foldable design to make them easier to store. These headphones are also built to withstand a kid’s curiosity, such as wondering how far they can bend.

Apple AirTag

While the Apple AirTag is not designed to track objects that are in motion, it is a great, affordable way to know if your child is where they are supposed to be. Just attach a tag to your child’s backpack or belt loop in order to make sure they are where they should be.

Jiobit GPS Tracker for Kids

For a little more protection, and the ability to monitor anywhere in the nation in real time, consider purchasing this tracker. Know precisely where your child is at all times by discreetly attaching this tracker to clothing, shoes or a backpack. It also features smart alerts and location history for even more protection.

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